Hello! My name is Michael Cherry-Leigh. I live in Durham, NC and currently work as a QA Lead for Teamworks. In addition to QA, I’ve been involved in a variety of other software roles including development, escalation, and support. I love to talk about creating and testing software, building development teams, and the business of software development, especially startups. When I’m not working, I can usually be found reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, playing video games, or wandering around one of the great greenways or parks in the area.

This is me

Why I’m Writing

  • Unraveling some of my own thoughts and experiences with software development.
  • Working on written communication that isn’t just technical instruction.
  • Trying to give something back to the internet and the communities responsible for my own growth.

What I Write About

  • Software QA and development practices and strategy.
  • The tools I use at work and those I explore in my free time.
  • Building QA teams and introducing QA practices at startups.

How This Blog Was Made

This blog is written with React and Material UI using the Gatsby framework. I used https://github.com/greglobinski/gatsby-starter-personal-blog as my starting template because it was an excellent, working example of tools I already expected to use. I have been and expect to continue hacking it into the exact shape I want as I continue forward.

The blog is hosted on AWS on a stack of S3, Cloudfront, and Route53.

  • Copyright 2018 Michael Cherry-Leigh